The Kill Order by James Dashner – Book Review

The Kill Order

The Kill Order takes us back to the very beginning, thirteen years before The Maze Runner. The protagonists are swapped for Mark and Trina, who are on the run from the New York sun flares and have found themselves living in a small settlement near the small city of Ashville. They stay here until one fateful day when their lives change forever, thanks to an incurable disease known as the flare.

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The Death Cure by James Dashner – Book Review

Death cure pic

The Death Cure brings a thrilling end to The Maze Runner trilogy. After completing the Scorch Trials, Thomas finds himself in solitary confinement. Once again, Dr. Janson comes and explains everything to him and it isn’t good news. When he reveals that there is no cure for the Flare, Thomas doubts whether he can trust anyone. However, he is shocked when Dr. Janson tells Thomas that he doesn’t have the Flare, nor will ever catch the Flare. This can mean only one thing: Thomas is immune to the Flare. Without participation from Thomas, there may never be a cure. Who can he trust in this corrupt world? Will Thomas ever be able to live without the fear of WICKED?

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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner – Book Review

The Scorch trials

In the second book in The Maze Runner trilogy we returned to where we left off in the previous book. Thomas thinks the trials are over after being rescued from the Glade. He’s right, but not for long. Soon, after being told by ‘Rat Man’ that they are all infected with the dreadful disease called the Flare, they are taken to the middle of Scorch, a barren and desolate landscape. Here they must journey to a ‘safe haven’ where they will find a cure for the terrible disease. Who can they trust? Will they ever be free of the Flare?

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The Maze Runner by James Dashner – Book Review

Maze runner cover

Welcome to the Glade, a community set in the heart of as seemingly impossible maze. Its inhabitants are teenage boys who, on arrival to the glade, know only their first name. Everything changes when Thomas is lifted out of the Box. He decides he wants to be a runner, the most dangerous job in the Glade. He is determined to stay a night in the maze and lead his friends to victory, but it certainly won’t be easy. The day after Thomas enters the Glade an unconscious girl arrives bearing an important message. What will this mean for the Gladers? Will they ever walk free from the maze?

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