The Kill Order by James Dashner – Book Review

The Kill Order

The Kill Order takes us back to the very beginning, thirteen years before The Maze Runner. The protagonists are swapped for Mark and Trina, who are on the run from the New York sun flares and have found themselves living in a small settlement near the small city of Ashville. They stay here until one fateful day when their lives change forever, thanks to an incurable disease known as the flare.

Now, let me just get this straight: unless I am mistaken, most prequels are supposed be the back story to one or all of the main characters. It’s only until the epilogue that we hear about our hero Thomas. I only realised who the story was loosely about until the very ending and I wanted to know what happened in the space of time between The Kill Order and The Maze Runner. 

That aside, the book is well written with action round every corner. If you’ve read the rest of The Maze Runner series then I recommend that you give this a go. Also, I did a bit of research and found that there is another book coming out from the same series, The Fever Code which is supposed to be from the point of one of the other Gladers. Its coming out next year, so I’ll try to get my hands on that!

What do you think?

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