The Death Cure by James Dashner – Book Review

Death cure pic

The Death Cure brings a thrilling end to The Maze Runner trilogy. After completing the Scorch Trials, Thomas finds himself in solitary confinement. Once again, Dr. Janson comes and explains everything to him and it isn’t good news. When he reveals that there is no cure for the Flare, Thomas doubts whether he can trust anyone. However, he is shocked when Dr. Janson tells Thomas that he doesn’t have the Flare, nor will ever catch the Flare. This can mean only one thing: Thomas is immune to the Flare. Without participation from Thomas, there may never be a cure. Who can he trust in this corrupt world? Will Thomas ever be able to live without the fear of WICKED?

I found that this book and its plot line were not as original as the first book, The Maze Runner. I found that the title was perhaps misleading (but maybe it was intentional) because there is no cure for the disease. On the other hand, I found that by the end of the book I wasn’t sure what Thomas really looked like. I searched the internet for pictures from the film to get a vague idea but the book didn’t describe him at all. There might have been a very brief description in the first book, but it didn’t really affect what I thought about his appearance.

Overall, I thought this book had lots of exciting action but just  didn’t reach its full potential.

What do you think?

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