The Scorch Trials by James Dashner – Book Review

The Scorch trials

In the second book in The Maze Runner trilogy we returned to where we left off in the previous book. Thomas thinks the trials are over after being rescued from the Glade. He’s right, but not for long. Soon, after being told by ‘Rat Man’ that they are all infected with the dreadful disease called the Flare, they are taken to the middle of Scorch, a barren and desolate landscape. Here they must journey to a ‘safe haven’ where they will find a cure for the terrible disease. Who can they trust? Will they ever be free of the Flare?

I really enjoyed reading this book -there were lots of different twists throughout the whole of the story, however, one thing that really frustrated me was the amount of times that Thomas manages to fall asleep, unconscious or just black out. I really wanted to see Thomas continue the action; therefore I didn’t think he was as heroic as he appeared in the first novel. It’s got loads of action in it, and after reading the last chapter it will make you want to read the next book, which I am currently reading. It seemed sometimes that they lost many more battles than they did in The Maze Runner. It felt like there were more failures than successes, however they have been very strong previously in the maze and they have been through a lot.

In some particular places I found that I was a little confused about who was on which side. Characters seemed to swap and change between sides and it was difficult to keep up at times.

Overall, I think this book was very good. Perhaps not up there with the best, but definitely worthwhile!

What do you think?

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