The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – Book Review

The fault in our stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster, 16, has lived with cancer for three years. She constantly feels as if she is missing out on her life, and hanging out with friends is somewhat of a rarity. In an effort to make Hazel make friends, her mother sends Hazel to a support group, held in a church basement and referred to the ‘literal heart of Jesus’. After reluctantly attending the second meeting, she meets Augustus Waters, the love of her life. In an exchange for reading one of his books, she lends him An Imperial Affliction, a book that she relates to very often. When given the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam to meet the author, she jumps at the chance. Will the author be all that he seems? Will it be a fairy-tale ending for the pair?

This book is very sad, because both of the main protagonists are witty and funny at times. Obviously this is a romance novel, so if you like a bit more action, then you might want to go for something else. Nevertheless, I liked the book even though it was not one that I would usually pick up. This book is very thoughtful and has a lot of meaning. The ending is unusual, and it makes you think. The book showed what it was really like for a teenager to be living with cancer.

Overall, I thought that I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, although all of my friends have read it!

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