Every Day by David Levithan – Book Review

EveryDay DL

Every day A wakes up in a new body. In order to make it through the day without the person suspecting that they are being possessed, A must access the person’s memory in order to learn their routine, personality, likes, dislikes, relationships and how they act towards others. For one day, A must live their life for them, making decisions in their best interests. It has always been like this for A – their surroundings and physical body changing daily. Then one day, A finds themself in Justin’s body, Rhiannon’s boyfriend. As he moves through the day, he grows closer and closer to Rhiannon – he has found someone he wants to be with every day, a constant when everything around him is changing.

The concept of Every Day may seem confusing, so I’ve tried my best to make it clear in my description, however, you will find it much easier to grasp when you read the book itself. Through A’s genderless nature, the book allowed me to learn more about gender identity – as A’s body is different every day, he identifies as neither male or female. I would really recommend this book if you are wanting to learn more about this topic.

It also tackled the more philosophical question of “what makes us who we are?” Is it our physical body, our memories, our personality? This made the book very thought-provoking.

As the description mentioned, each day A is in a different body. I found this quite interesting as each day I got small glimpses of the characters’ day-to-day life and witness how A attempted to navigate through the day, which I found quite interesting. So many YA books that I have read focus really heavily on the appearances of the protagonists, and how attractive they are. In Every Day, this did not happen, which I found quite refreshing!

Overall, Every Day is a well-written book with a unique plot idea which raises thought-provoking questions.

Have you read Every Day or any other books by David Levithan? Let me know in the comments!

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