My Bookish Wishlist 2017

In the run-up to the holidays, a number of new releases have caught my eye, so I thought that I would compile a shortlist of the books I’m eager to read. From some classic YA novels to those hot off the press, the books on this list have really stood out to me. If you have any books that you have enjoyed recently or novels that you think should be on the list, let me know in the comments !

  1. The Book of Dust, Volume 1: La Belle Sauvage, Philip Pullman

The Book of Dust

Pullman’s highly anticipated new release is set before the wildly popular His Dark Materials trilogy, and is described as an “equel”, not a prequel – you don’t have to read the series to understand and enjoy The Book of Dust. It is set 20 years before Northern Lights, telling the story of  protagonist Lyra as a baby, and while not much is given away in the synopsis, we are introduced to a new character, Malcolm, who learns of a baby, Lyra, in the care of some nuns near the River Thames. I read the first book in the trilogy at quite a young age, which meant I struggled to understand some of the key ideas of the book, but as all books by Philip Pullman come highly recommended, I think a re-read of the series is overdue.

2. Turtles All the Way Down, John Green 

Turtles all the way down

After reading (and thoroughly enjoying) John Green’s novels for young adults, I was eager to see the new release from the author. While all of the books are very similar, they combine humour with some of the deeper issues teenagers face today. This new release is about Aza, a girl who tries to uncover the mystery surrounding a billionaire, while suffering from mental illness. This will be on my Christmas list – the combination of Green’s writing style with the complex subject matters make for a very enjoyable book.

3. Charlotte Says, Alex Bell

charlotte says

If you’ve read my review of Frozen Charlotte, you’ll know how much I enjoyed it. Now, Charlotte Says is a prequel, exploring the beginnings of the possessed dolls. After a difficult past, teacher Jemima escapes to the Isle of Wight, to a girls school, and soon becomes acquainted with the mysterious dolls which soon take over the school. When a tragic death of a governess and a girl change the school forever, Jemima learns she must stop these dolls. The first book was scary (I didn’t want to read it at night!) but the strength of the characters made it such a good book. See my review here: Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

I hope you found it interesting to see which books I’m interested in right now, and if you have read any of these, please let me know if you enjoyed them.

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