An Abundance of Katherines by John Green – Book Review

an abundance

Being incredibly intelligent isn’t the only thing that makes Colin Singleton unique – there’s also the fact that he has been dumped by nineteen girls named Katherine. After leaving high school and having no idea about what career he wants to pursue, he and his best friend Hassan embark on a road trip. At the outset, they have no idea that they will end up in Tennessee and meet Lindsey Lee Wells and her mother, Hollis, who help him to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which will help him determine the outcome of any relationship and hopefully end the trend of Colin always being the dumpee and get him a girlfriend.

Out of the three John Green books that I have read, this is my least favourite, only because the plot was a tad too predictable – about halfway through the book I knew what would happen at the end. However, as it was only  short book (299 pages to be precise) it wasn’t as if I knew the ending with hundreds of pages to go.

That being said, I enjoyed Green’s writing style which I like because it doesn’t have humour running the whole way through but it has some hilarious moments which made me laugh!

Reading this book hasn’t put me off from reading any more of John Green’s books, in fact, I think I am definitely going to read Paper Towns.

Which is your favourite John Green book and why? Tell me in the comments!

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