Charlotte Says by Alex Bell – Book Review

charlotte says

In the chilling prequel to Frozen Charlotte, Bell explores the dark secrets behind the Dunvegan School for Girls. In 1910, Jemima takes up a job offer after a devastating fire at her home, claiming the life of her mother. Wishing to start afresh, She travels to the school’s remote location on the Isle of Skye. She is not prepared for the horrific events that follow. Without headmistress Miss Grayson on her side, she begins to uncover the sinister truth surrounding the “accidents” happening to the school’s students. The weirdest thing about it all? It seems to have something to do with the spooky “Frozen Charlotte” dolls that the girls play with…

The writing style differs considerably to that of Frozen Charlotte, which is set in the modern day. Charlotte Says is set in the early 20th century, and Bell’s excellent writing  thoroughly reflects the era in which it is set.

Whilst I found both books to be quite scary, I found Charlotte Says to lack the element of surprise, since as it is a sequel, I already knew what the tiny yet scary dolls were capable of from encountering them in Frozen Charlotte. That being said, it was interesting to know the back story to the events in Frozen Charlotte, and Jemima’s background was particularly compelling.

Overall, I would really recommend both Frozen Charlotte and Charlotte says, as the creepy dolls will make you want to devour these books in one sitting!

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