A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas – Book Review

a court of Thorns and Roses

Meet Feyre, a 19-year-old who has been the sole provider for her family ever since her father lost all of his wealth years ago. Her sisters, Elain and Nesta, are adamant that they won’t do any work to aid the family’s survival, so one day when she is out hunting, she kills a wolf to sell it’s pelt. She soon finds that the wolf she killed is more than it seems, and its people want revenge for the wolf’s death. In return for her life being spared, Feyre is sent across the border into the mysterious Prythian, a land with faeries long speculated about by the Human Lands. As her bond with Tamlin, her captor, deepens, she is forced to decide whether her loyalties lie with the mortal world or the faerie realm that is now threatening the safety of humans…

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a book I have seen a lot on Instagram in the book community and it is highly recommended by bookstagrammers alike. Maas’ writing style is excellent, with vivid imagery accompanying the tense moments in the book when I really wanted Feyre and Tamlin to succeed in the face of adversity. Unlike other books, I found there were few times when I lost focus or couldn’t concentrate on the storyline as the writing style was truly gripping. The characters in the book were likeable, however for the next books I would like to see a stronger Feyre – it will be interesting to see how her character develops. One thing that became slightly annoying is that the characters are always described as being “handsome” or “attractive” which got a bit repetitive after a while and meant little as it was used to describe the characters in the book so often.

My favourite part of the book was about 2/3 of the way through as the plot twist completely changed things for the protagonists, and made the reader look at the characters in a new light. Hopefully, the next book, A Court of Mist and Fury, will include more twists and plot devices that will surprise us!

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