Hunger by Michael Grant – Book Review

hunger 123

It’s been three months since the beginning of the FAYZ  wall, which suddenly appeared  in Gone, and life isn’t getting easier for Sam, Astrid and the rest of Perdido Beach.

To make things worse, Caine’s group from Coates Academy  are constantly trying to cut of the power supply to the town, so they can leave Sam in complete darkness. However, that’s not the only type of darkness they should be worried about…

The issues that the kids had to tackle in the FAYZ in Hunger are so much tougher than those in Gone – even though the maximum age of someone in the FAYZ (Fall-out Alley Youth Zone) is 15, Sam has to act like an adult in order to survive and keep control of Perdido Beach.

There were some points in the story when points of view switched very quickly -sometimes changing every paragraph. It made the story fast-paced, however it got to a point when it was a bit too confusing as there were just so many characters.

The plot idea was good – the scene was set in Gone when everyone over the age 15 disappeared without an explanation. Hunger is set only a few months on, so it is easy to pick up from where the action left off.  Some science facts were included throughout the book to explain more about the FAYZ wall existence, showing the reader that the FAYZ wall is more complicated than it seems.

Hunger is 590 pages long but I feel as if it could have been a lot shorter as there are six books in the series. It dragged on a bit, so it took me longer to read than usual!

star rating – 4/5

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