Allegiant by Veronica Roth – Book Review


Allegiant is the third and final addition to the Divergent trilogy. The story opens with Tris in jail after revealing the secrets of the city in a video to the rest of the residents. When she is released she is recruited into the rebel group Allegiant, who are determined to overthrow the current leaders as well as exploring what is beyond the city. Chicago is no longer the place she knew, as riots are breaking out almost everywhere Tris looks. Is there anything out there? Can she trust anyone when her life is full of lies?

One of the first things that I noticed about this book is that it is written from the point of view of Tobias as well as Tris. I found myself looking back to the beginning of the chapter to check whose point of view it was because I found the two quite similar and it actually didn’t make much difference.

The plot was slightly more structured than its predecessors and most of the questions that were left unanswered previously were answered. Perhaps the reason behind the factions was a little underwhelming but hey, nothing has quite made sense in Divergent books. It also felt like all the important stuff that had happened in the previous books had been ignored and Allegiant was different altogether.

So, I have mixed feelings about the Divergent trilogy, but I would definitely recommend for you to give the series a go.

Have you read Allegiant? Tell me if you disagree or agree in the comments!

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